ASPIRE Corporate Services Limited is an independent licensed company offering provide Quality Global Corporate Governance and Accounting services.

ASPIRE provide all aspects of Corporate services; Company formation, Corporate Accountancy, Book-keeping,  Record maintenance as well as Assurance assessment and assistance in Business planning for efficient, effective and compliant operations.

Our in house expertise provide all Clients with an experienced, professional service which meets all Client and regulatory requirements.

With experience and professional qualifications in Accountancy, Project Management, Quality Management Systems and Accreditation maintenance, ASPIRE combines the knowledge and experience required to manage our Clients and provide a reliable, thorough, up-to-date solution.

With a quality management system and procedures in place meeting the Guernsey Financial Services Commission and ISO 9001:2015 requirements, ASPIRE ensures clients receive services that are regulated and continuously improving.


In an ever changing world of tax and social security legislation it is increasingly vital for seafarers to be able to prove time spent at sea. It is equally important to be able to identify where and when you might automatically fall in to the status of being “tax-resident” of any particular country.

Many countries are now paying increased attention to the time seafarers have spent in their jurisdiction. This means it is critical to maintain good records of your location at all times for future reference. That’s why a team of seasoned tech entrepreneurs launched the CYD.tax project in 2017 and developed a reliable and automated location-logging solution that will ultimately work using any Apple or Android mobile phone.

The new CYD.tax app is already available for any seafarer to download from the iTunes store today as a free trial / beta version for iPhone.

Working with ASPIRE, part of the Voyonic group, CYD’s “Count Your Days Tax App” is the only mobile app to triple-qualify and record a frequent traveller’s territorial locations. Features

are increasingly being added to optimise the CYD solution for seafarers, but always ensuring your personal data is protected to financial-service industry standards.

All CYD users benefit from a simple daily dashboard of how long they have been present in any selection of territories, ideal for global marine professionals. There is also a secure downloadable monthly location report facility, providing a simple spreadsheet that you as the user may later choose to privately provide to your tax advisors.

Voyonic and ASPIRE are involved in the employment of thousands of seafarers and other ex-pats all around the world and we believe the ASPIRE CYD.tax app will be an invaluable tool for record keeping.

CYD.tax is a free app that means all seafarers can now be more confident a spontaneous extra night visiting family or friends won’t result in a surprise tax bill or potentially months of wrangling with a tax man.

Download the Voyonic CYD.TAX app today.